Everyone has a story to share...even you.

We speak a lot about story these days, but never really get down to the root: all of us live a narrative full of characters and scenes. But sometimes, these stories get convoluted. Whether we forget the story pulsing in our bones or we begin to live as the main character in someone else's story, from time to time alignment is necessary. 

What if you could finally write that book without losing your mind with jealousy and frustration of others who've gone before you?
What if you were able to articulate precisely the story behind your business and why it means so much to you?
What if you were able to know, without a doubt, the next step you were supposed to take?

You can. It's all possible. In every moment, our stories weave a thread of recognition that's impossible to ignore. We feel the tug when we begin to ignore the pacing of our narrative. This is when you need the guidance of someone else, someone who can listen and speak your words back to you. There's something alchemic in hearing our story from someone else's lips, a reminder that maybe we aren't alone after all. 

That's story-coaching. Think of me as your creative midwife. Holding the mirror while you create and excavate the story you're meant to tell, I'll guide you through the process with intuition and care, reminding you to breathe the entire way.