Before you sink too far deep into the amazing and artistic abyss of the Facebook page, I wanted to make sure you understood our daily rhythms.

Mondays are for Artistic Visioning. This is where we speak with intention and really dig deep into our wants and desires surrounding our creativity. The hope behind this? Through going through the process of digging deep and thinking through the desires (and being honest!) the tone for our week is set. 

Tuesdays are for Teasers. This just may be my favorite day of all the days because our whole wall is full-to-the-brim with artistic goodness. We're talking manuscript excerpts and steamy dialogue and pictures of art journaling pages and eCourse splash pages. Whatever you're creating that week is fair game. No excuses, either. Maybe you didn't get to throw some words down but you sure did nail that recipe. Show us a picture (and then um, share the recipe?). Everything is worth celebrating.

Wednesdays we are reminded of Daily Poetics. It's one thing to say you want to live artistically, it's another to actually do it. Wednesdays are when we find the beauty around us and allow for the wonder to take over even in the tiny pieces of our lives. Through youtube videos, songs, poetry, moments we want to capture, stories — whatever it is — we mark it by sharing it with others.

Thursdays are for Words that Work. Read a blog post that rocked your world? Finished a book that made you want to eat all of the words? We know the feeling. This is when we share the words that made us fall even more in love with the building a world out of sentences and punctuation marks.

Fridays are for Q & A. I mean, questions are always asked on the page. But do you have a specific question about the creative process and want to pick my brain about it? Go for it. Need to know more about publishing or whether or not to erase your blog and start all over? Let us work it out with you. Any question is fair game today. Let's get curious.

Saturdays and Sundays are for the Pause. It wouldn't be a rhythm if there weren't a moment for rest. This is something huge for our community. Chatting still occurs but for the most part, we encourage others to go out and live what they learned creatively. Gather inspiration to tackle the next week with gumption and grace.