I get it. There's nothing more vulnerable then figuring out how to tell your story well. Good news: there are people who've gone before you and have something to say.

01 "Elora was a DREAM to work with on our company's web copy. Not only was she capable, confident and professional, she simply "got" the brand message we were dying to put into the world. Elora saw patterns in our mission that I couldn't put words to, chose themes for our company's web copy and social content and made me feel confident that we could more accurately portray the message we desired to speak." — Olive

02 "I loved working with Elora to come up with my business name and tagline. She has an incredible knack for coming up with the perfect words that capture the essence of my business and personality. She asked intuitive questions, really listened to my answers, and when she gave me the names she had come up with, it felt like a puzzle piece snapping into place: a perfect fit. I would recommend her in a heartbeat." — Lindsay

03  “Elora has a magical way with words. She was instrumental in guiding me to the words that were locked inside me, and helping me form a complete concept that resonates with me personally and my dream clients. Her insight into human nature breeds trust, that “aha” feeling and all the support you could ever need. She’s not afraid to push back with her true thoughts because she cares about the words: her words, my words, your words."