A few years ago, I gathered with about ten other women in a house in the hill country. We spent the weekend elbow deep in the messiness of what it means to live and tell your story well — whether it be through writing or connecting with others.

That weekend proved monumental for me. There's something alchemic that occurs when you take the time to breathe and make room for restoration. Your artistic heart, rusty from the noise around you, begins to beat again. Slowly, the inspiration returns.

This is my vision for Awake the Bones' Retreats. 


June 11 - 14, 2015

In Art Journaling: Color You Soul, participants will learn the fundamentals of art journaling as a means of uncovering pieces of their voice that may be hidden. Through prompts, practice, discussion and guidance, students will leave the retreat feeling comfortable in their new found habit of painting the page. 


Thursday, June 11 
7pm CST :: Session One — Happy Hour / Introduction 

Meet and greet + share our own individual goals for the weekend as well as learn  an overview of art journaling basics and necessary supplies.  Also — the only rule is that there aren't any rules, but what does this mean for you? This session covers some of the basic fundamentals of art journaling and will provide some tricks to make the pages work for your own individual practice. 

Saturday, June 13 

11am CST :: Session Two — Wisdom Cards 

One of the most important pieces of art journaling is tapping into your intuition. During this session we'll talk about the difficulty of listening to ourselves as well as create wisdom cards (an activity from Christine Paintner's ARTIST'S RULE). After, we'll learn how to look for synchronicity and talk about resonance / dissonance with our own pages.

3pm CST :: Session Three — Found Poetry 

Taking our discussion of intuition and synchronicity to another level, during session four we'll learn how to find prompts + poetry within the page and what this means for our over all practice. 

7pm CST :: Session Four — Finding Your Artistic Voice 

Knowing the difference between imitation and inspiration is huge for any creative. Can you capture inspiration and use it to move forward with your ideas? Can you spot imitation? Most importantly: do you know how to play within your own art, practicing what catches your eye in someone else's work and remixing it within your own artistic voice? 

Sunday, June 14 
10am  CST :: Session Five — Organizing and Planning with Your Art Journal 

Once we cover basics and strategies, we'll be able to get into practicalities. How can you use your art journal to stay organized? What are ways you can use these pages as a tool for brainstorming? 

2pm CST :: Session Six — Developing a Practice 

One of the best things you can do as a creative is to incorporate rituals within your day-to-day. This session will include tips + tricks on how to use your art journal as a touching stone for your daily creativity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me? 

Every week, I get the same question: will you teach me how to art journal? This comes from makers of all kinds: novelists, photographers, designers, dreamers, coaches, dancers, artists, and bloggers. If you consider yourself a creative, and you're looking for ways in which you can tap into the depths of your inner-story, then yes — this retreat is definitely for you. 

I can't make all of the sessions. Will they be recorded?

Yes. We'll be using Fuze, a free for you program you download on your computer. This will allow us to engage with each other via video + chat + audio. Everything will be recorded for your convenience. These recordings will be sent out on Tuesday, June 9. 

What supplies would I need? 

Really, all you need is a hardback book that you don't mind writing in or painting. If you don't have one, that's okay too! I've seen art journals made from everything, even hymnals and bibles. Other supplies you may consider using: gesso, watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils, sharpies, scraps from magazines, tissue paper, receipts, envelopes, modge podge, scissors, glue sticks, paint brushes, washi tape....the list is endless but the creativity limitless. Remember: there are no rules. Just follow your gut. 

Okay. I'm in. How much is it? Where can I sign up? 

Glad you asked. Registration is 87 dollars and covers all seven sessions, our online retreat center, curriculum sent out in four emails, and word-prompts tailor made for this retreat. You can sign up by clicking the box below.