What is story coaching?

Story coaching is part life coaching, part manuscript coaching, part developmental editing, and a sprinkle of intuitive guidance. It's more than just figuring out how to write the book: it's getting to the root of what's got you stuck. In order to do this, sometimes you gotta face the junk. This is where I get to use my intuition, guiding you back to the page and making sure you finish the project you know you're meant to write. 

How did you get started?

Great question. Three years ago, I quit my administrative position at a high school. I was an instructional facilitator and literacy coach, and I loved my job, but I felt like I wasn't utilizing my strengths. Story coaching just kind of....fell into my lap in the best sort of accident. I took my experience of ten years in the classroom, my love for story, my knack for making connections, my intuitive spark, and my Curriculum and Instruction graduate degree and blended everything together into something magical. Within a month, I was paying for our rent with story coaching sessions. Within six months, I had a community of over 50 women. Since then I've coached over 400 women in finding the words to tell their story well.

I love your style. Can I hire you for copywriting? 

In a word, no.

I've hired some incredibly talented copywriters in the past and even though they nailed my voice, there was still something missing within the content. I believe writing your own content it the thing missing from the creative entrepreneur space. We crave story. Only you can share your story well. But don't worry — I'll help you get there. It's why people call me their content doula.