Birthright: An Intensive

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cost: Pay What You Can 

Classes Held Virtually Via Zoom

If you're alive, then you're a creative person — Elizabeth Gilbert
The heart of human identity is the capacity and desire for birthing. To be is to become creative and bring forth the beautiful — John O'Donohue
Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structures of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity — Albert Einstein

What if I told you creativity is your birthright?

Let that sink into your bones for a moment. Who you are — your molecular structure, the way the blood pumps a rhythm in your veins, the way you swallow a lump in your throat when you stumble into beauty — this isn't a fluke. It's not something that just happens. 

Your creativity is part of you. It belongs to you. 

And you belong to it. 

I know. It's easy to forget. 

It's so easy to assume that the season you're in, the one where words feel impossible, is your natural state. 

The flashes of inspiration — the moments of clarity — those were a gimmick. A ruse. 


Over the past year, I've been studying seasons and cycles of creativity. We all have them, they're so innate it's like breathing. 

Inhale: consume. 

Exhale: create.

I believe that if we truly embraced our natural flow of creativity, the angst associated with not creating would completely disappear. By understanding our own rhythms, we reach for grace rather than disappointment when the words won't come. By anticipating the fallow seasons, we remember the beauty in the pause. 

I created Birthright :: the Creative Series out of this research. One full day of diving into who you are and the way the synapses fire inside your bones. 

This is your birthright. This is your birthright. This is your birthright. 

We're going to say it until you believe it. 

Description of Classes: 

These descriptions are definitely not all-encompassing, but they will give you a glimpse at a piece of what the discussion will be about when we meet.It's important to note that like any true instructor, my classes are often-tailored to my students. So, don't be surprised if we dive off the deep end and go somewhere we weren't anticipating. That's where the magic happens.

9am :: Your Creative Birthright — what does it look like to embrace the birthright of creativity? What does this have to do with artistic blocks and seasons where we can't seem to find any inspiration? If you need a shot of confidence, a reminder that you have a story only you can tell, this is the class for you.

11am :: Finding Your Voice — we talk about finding your voice all the time, but we always seem to miss the most important piece: a writer's voice cannot be contained because it comes from our core. We cannot find our voice until we find ourselves. So how do we do this, especially when it feels like our voice is constantly evolving as we grow? 

2pm :: Embracing Artistic Ambiguity — one of THE MOST DIFFICULT things as an artist is to dwell within the messy middle. You love your work, you're lit with inspiration, and then suddenly everything just feels kind of....weird. Is it good? Is it even worth pursuing? How do you know when to push through the ambiguity? In this class we'll discuss the myth of artistic block and what we can do about it.

4pm :: The Space for Hard Places — create for any amount of time and you'll stumble into the pain of articulating the deepest parts of your soul. Whether navigating the valleys of life or telling the story you're too afraid to tell, this class will cover all-of-the-ways in which we can embrace the hard spaces. 

6pm :: How Not to Edit Your Soul — you want to talk about how to develop the proper color palate in your living room, but everyone else around you seems to want to write about the presidential election. How do you dive into what you really want to create — what your soul craves — when everyone else is doing something different? This class covers that and what it looks like when you begin editing your soul. 

We'll end the evening with creating our own definition of what it means for us to embrace creativity in our individual spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is this for me?

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. I think you already know the answer to this question. But, just in case you really have no idea, I will say this: if you know what you're doing creatively and never-ever-ever feel as though you've completely lost every creative fiber in your body, then this series probably isn't for you.

How long are the classes?

On average, the classes will run from an hour to two hours, depending on the length of content and questions + discussion. My instruction style is very much reliant on keeping a finger on the pulse of the class, so I break up content with prompts and opportunity for discussion.

What program will you use for the classes?

Zoom! It's a free-for-you program that is so intuitive. I love it. You'll be sent a link to our classroom the week of class.

What if I miss a class? Will they be recorded? 

They will! You'll be sent the audio the week following the class. If there's any way to make the class, though — I encourage you to come. I can record the audio, but I can't record the chat — and sometimes, technology happens and recordings don't work. Often there are some incredible moments of clarity shared within the live discussion that makes it more than worth your time.