Your creative bones have felt dry for too long.

The words grow heavy, you contemplate writing but can't seem to remember your voice, the sentences get stuck in your throat like cemented regret. 

There is a story inside you — you know this because you feel it. You just need a way to get this story out of you before it busts you open. 

The weight of words can suffocate your literary awareness if you let it. I know because I've been there. The agony you feel right now? The one where you know you have a book inside you just don't know how to get it out? It feels like a monster clawing its way through your gut.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Imagine this weight turning into an electric flutter of clarity in your veins. Imagine days filled with prolific familiarity with this story in your bones.

Welcome to kismet, my dear. This is the moment your succulent idea turns into reality on the page.

Awake Indie is more than a community or an offering. It's a gathering of individuals who know what it's like to feel the relief when you hear the words me too. Joining guarantees three things: relationship, words, and connection.  


Writing is a holistic effort and because of this, personal attention is necessary. Anyone can write by themselves. This is so much more. This is getting to know what makes you tic and what sets you apart from other writers. There's a reason why you're stuck. Resistance goes deeper than a brick wall in your mind. It's about finding and using your strengths — your core genius — and getting that story out of your bones and into the world.


If you write 1000 words a day, you would have 365,000 words by the end of the year. That's enough for three novels. Building a discipline of daily writing takes habit and intention. But also, you can't forget the heart. In Awake Indie, we take a holistic approach, finding what works for you as a writer, encouraging you to focus on what makes you feel alive. No one has time to write a story they only kind of love. You need to write the words that ignite the fire in your bones, and we help you get there.


The creative heart needs community in order to thrive. In Awake the Bones' communities we've found roommates, named characters, edited books, made road trips, hugged necks, and read stories over and over and over again.  

And now, all we're missing is you.

So what's really included?

  • Built in support + priority availability 
  • Exclusive emails + tutorials on indie publishing and creativity that feeds your soul
  • Monthly write-ins
  • Free flash coaching via Voxer and 30 minute sessions via Skype
  • Access to the Lightbulb Lectures, a quarterly session featuring guidance from Awake Indie members.
  • Connection + Networking in our private lounge.
  • Complimentary copies of eBooks and PDFS that Elora Nicole publishes, starting with ndie Confidence
  • Discounts on story-coaching ($45 sessions, a $120 value!) and any offering available through Awake the Bones
  • Local events
  • Members-Only Podcast full of special guests and wrapped with encouragement
  • and so much more....



About Elora 

A few years ago, I combined everything that woke me up: story, teaching, and building community, and started offering my fist story coaching sessions. I ended up building something from the ground up that I really loved. It exceeded everything I ever imagined, and for the first time, I knew what it felt like to collide with your purpose.

I bring every bit of experience to Awake the Bones: my undergraduate degree in English, my ten years of teaching, my graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction, my fascination and need for art journaling, and the acknowledgement that spiritual formation plays a significant part in my story coaching.

I am not one for the sidelines. I get in the arena with you. I've written four books and am currently working on my fifth, a  memoir about the adoption process my husband and I have been going through for the past six years.

I've worked with over 400 women to help them tell their story well. I can't wait to start working with you.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Is this for me?

Here's what I know: no one can answer this question except for you. Who normally signs up for my communities? Women who crave community, who aren't afraid to plumb the depths to get where they need to go with their story, who know that joining with other creatives they can do so much more than trying to go it alone.

But what if I'm not writing a book?

Spoiler: it doesn't matter. 

No, really. If you're not writing a book but feel pulled to join, I can only say that there's a reason for that intuitive spark. I've had many women who join with no plans to write a book, and a majority of them have since written and published their first work. So to answer this question, I ask you a question: is there a chance that maybe....just maybe....there's a book inside? If so, you've found your home.

Hold on. You said something about spiritual formation. Is this a like a faith-based community?

This isn't a faith-based community in the sense that I have a very firm dissonance when it comes to charging for something that involves the word church. However, faith is something that's incredibly important to me, and I am absolutely-without-a-doubt-certain that our own soul's architecture influences our creativity and the work we produce. So in our coaching sessions and in the community, there will be moments where we talk about what it looks like to find that inner monasticism, but this isn't an opportunity for me to preach or proselytize. In other words: you're welcome. And you're welcome however you are — I won't be trying to change anyone.

How do payments work?

Payments are simple and automated, coming out of your account with Paypal every single month. And, there's no commitment. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Why are you only taking 100 people?

When I created my first community, there was a lot of pressure to make it as big as possible as quick as possible. And it grew — fast. But it grew too fast and I realized that for this type of community, my particular sweet spot is 100 beautiful souls. This provides a lot of intimacy and connection as well as an opportunity to network with others. 

Okay I'm in. How do I sign up?

I'm glad you asked and I can't wait for you to join. Check out the link below.