We can get caught on the term story. It's kitschy. It's popular. It's overused. 

But I believe in its purest form, storytelling is one of the best currencies we have for
human connection.

My name is Elora, and I've been telling stories my whole life.

I learned how to read with Dr. Seuss, writing in the margins ways in which I thought the story could improve. As I got older, my love of storytelling morphed into teaching high school English for ten years, graduating with an M. Ed in Curriculum and Instruction, and writing three novels. 

For the past three years, I've helped over 400 women find language to tell their story well. I have this dream of one day owning a house where my library consists of floor-to-ceiling shelves of books YOU have written. Through eCourses, community, retreats, and workshops, my hope is that you know the story in your bones wants nothing more than for you to give it a shot. 

You have a story. Somewhere, deep inside, you know it needs to be told. That's why I'm here. That's why I created Awake the Bones. I believe in your story and I believe in you.